Crossing St. John’s Bridge

I have this crazy obsession with bridges.  I just love them!  I used to live in Astoria Oregon and one of my favorite things was the Astoria Megler Bridge.  I am always looking for an excuse to drive across it- or better yet walk across it during the annual Columbia Crossing Race held annually in October.  So as you can imagine when I moved to Portland that I was drawn to the many bridges.  St John’s Bridge is one of the most impressive bridges in Portland, Oregon.  It has been on my bucket list ever since I moved here 1 1/2 years ago.  I have never had the opportunity to walk across the St. John’s bridge.- I had driven across it many times But the trek across the bridge never happened because noone ever really wanted to go with me.  This morning as it was pouring down rain and I was thinking about what adventure I should do- this seemed like the natural thing to do.  If I went somewhere cool to walk Boomer we would go for a long walk-if we just went in the neighborhood- the rain might make me shorten the walk.  But by the time we headed out-the sun had come out .  Yeah!!!

Boomer and I drove through our drive thru espresso place on our way.  I had my coffee – he got his treat and we were set.  Although I have driven to St. John’s many times.  I am seriously directionally challenged.  So I put the Cathedral Park into the GPS and we were off.  Well…The GPS took me a slightly different way, and I of course made a couple of wrong turns; they just added to the adventure.   I had never driven through Forest Heights and it made me rethink whether or not I wanted a big house.  I decided that I wouldn’t mind it after all.  🙂   But seriously it was a fun little detour exploring a new neighborhood.

We get to St. John’s and went to Cathedral Park.  We started off under the bridge and I took a moment to just appreciate  the angle from underneath- to get the full bridge experience.   We took a little bit of time to explore Cathedral Park- it is a great picnic spot.  I will be coming back!

The walk across the bridge was fun- but It was a little unnerving when the semi’s went past.  You could feel them as they zipped past.  I am not scared of heights and the height didn’t bother me-but I was a little worried about dropping my phone into the river.   It was so refreshing – we took a nice brisk walk and it was a wonderful morning.

I couldn’t believe that here we are in January and there was this beautiful flowering tree in Cathedral Park! I feel so lucky to live in such a beautiful place! I was blessed with perfect weather for our outing-it rained before and after-but the entire time we were out we had ideal weather. It was truly exhilarating- a nice breeze, fresh air and enjoying nature. It doesn’t get much better than that.

The bridge itself was very impressive.  I love all the little details on it.  The people I past – were very friendly.  This was a perfect little outing!  Definitely give it a thumbs up!

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