Flyboarding- What the heck is that?  That seems to be everyone’s reaction when I tell them about it.  It was mine too!  I was scrolling through Groupons to see if there were any cool things to do.  And low and behold I found a Groupon for Flyboarding- and well…I thought I must try this!  I am so glad I did!

The other common reaction is- You are crazy!  That looks so dangerous!  Well…It really isn’t.  At least I don’t think so…When you are learning you really only go up like 10 feet in the air.

But what everyone wants to know is: What is it like?  So when you get there (after getting in the wet suit) they have you sit in the water and with a jet ski they tow you out to the deeper part of the Columbia River.  You are wearing a helmet that has a speaker-so that you can be coached while you are in the air.  I think this worked great!!!  There is definitely a learning curve.  The key is to get your legs straight under the water and then as you come out of the air stand straight and do not make any big movements.  It is really easy to lose your balance and go crashing into the water.  This doesn’t hurt at all.

If you decide to do this- Just know that you will definitely spend a lot of time in the water.  So- you must be willing to get wet!  Me- I am addicted to being in and around the water- so this was not a problem for me!

It was 30 minutes and it was well worth it.  I would have liked to have done it a little longer.  I felt like I was really starting to get the hang of it.  But still could only stay up for short periods of time.  But it  really was fun!  My take on it- I think I like water skiing more.  But- that might be because when I have gone water skiing I was able to do it longer.

This is where I did it:

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