Shall we Segway?

I decided to take the Segway tour around Portland , Oregon- purely because I found the groupon and it was something new to try. But honestly, I didn’t really expect to like it. I was so wrong- this is something that everyone should try! I think it is the perfect thing to take new visitors to Portland. They take you on tour of Portland via Segway! And let me tell you it was a blast!!! I learned lots of interesting facts about Portland that I did not know. But more importantly, riding on the Segway was really fun! It was really easy to get the hang of it. At the beginning of the tour that gave us all a quick lesson on how to ride it- and then we were off exploring the city.

My daughter and I did this together. We both came away from the experience saying we definitely wanted to do it again! It far exceeded our expectations! Neither one of us expected to like it as much as we did. The tour was a great value. It was a 2 hour tour- but it went a little over. The guides were super fun and energetic! We stopped and got a donut at Voodoo Donut-which was a nice plus. Food is always good. 🙂

Now I find myself looking for Segway tours in other towns. So the answer to the question- Shall we Segway? Is a definite yes!!!


  1. Very interesting. I didn’t think you would enjoy it, but your enthusiasm about the Segway tour made me want to try it myself. Very cute pictures of you and Kelly.





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