Training for The Amazon River International Raft Race

I am about to set out on the biggest adventure of my life so far. So I am going to be doing multiple posts in relation to it. So- stay tuned for the rest of my adventure!

I am going to be competing in the World’s Longest Raft Race in Peru. On Day one we build the raft and then over the next 3 days we race 118 Miles down the Amazon River in Peru. After the first reaction – Holy Crap! You are crazy! People then ask- How are you training?

Picture of the route from the race website

I didn’t have a set training schedule to follow. My motto was to get as much time on the water as possible. I don’t own a Kayak or Paddle Board – so it was a matter of finding groups to paddle with. I had 4 Outrigger Groups that I paddled with, 1 Dragon Boat team (although I had to give up dragon boating-I sprained my shoulder and it was hurting me) and I kayaked. Typically I paddled 5-7 days a week. Usually 10-14 hours a week of time on the water. There were a few long paddles thrown in there. Along with a 3 day kayaking trip,

Outrigger Canoe

Croc Riding

Dragon Boating

Practicing Dragon Boating

Paddle Twirling


Crocodile Wrestling

In addition to these critical components of my training regime:

  • . Swimming Drills getting in and out of the pool repeatedly and swimming laps. Very good core and upper body work out.
  • Yoga
  • Hiking

In all seriousness I have paddled as much as possible. I find I am not as disciplined to training on my own. If I was- I probably would have done more cross training- running and weight training. But this is what I did. I will let you know if I survive. I am on the final week before I go. I am excited and terrified!

The two weeks before I head to Peru will be difficult to train. I will be on a business trip to Colorado. So I will be doing a lot of Dog Walking (I own a dog walking business) and the plan is to add some swimming, yoga and rowing in a gym…We will see. But that is the plan.

More posts about my journey on the Amazon International Raft Race:


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