Taking a Leap of Faith! Decision to Race!

When my friend posted that there was a team looking for a couple of additional Paddlers for their 4 person team of rafters competing in the Amazon International Raft Race in Peru, I was immediately interested. The very first thing I did was google airfares to Peru to see if it was astronomically expensive. But when it appeared that it was not cost prohibitive I immediately started begging to get picked to go!

Me at Fort Stevens Park, Oregon

To me- this seemed like an opportunity of a lifetime and I felt like this was the time for me to do it. In the past few years my life has been full of changes. 4 1/2 years ago my daughter got diagnosed with Leukemia at 15 and pretty much all aspects of my life have changed since then. I went from being a workaholic to for the first time in my life having work-life balance. Fighting for my daughter’s life to having a survivor (So incredibly blessed)! In December My Marriage of 20 years ended. 2 1/2 years ago we moved from Colorado to Oregon. Went from never paddling before- to a complete and total paddling and water sport addict!

Outrigger Practice, Portland Oregon

One thing I have learned from my daughter’s battle with cancer is: Life is precious, Life is Short, Never Take anything for granted, Seize opportunities- you never know what the future holds. I have truly learned to live my life with no regrets. With this in mind how could I possibly not go on this adventure of a lifetime?

Me and my daughter during her battle with Cancer, Evergreen Lake Colorado

As I mentioned earlier my marriage of 20 years ended, my daughter has about a year more of living at home. This is the time for me to prove to myself that I’ve got this. What better way to do that than to conquer the Amazon River! If I can paddle 118 miles in the Amazon River on a Raft I made myself (with a lot of help from my friends) than frankly I can do anything!

Kelly and Me competing in Cotopaxi Adventure Race Portland

I will let you know a little secret…I really would like to win it. To prove that I can not only complete it- but I can frickin’ shock the world and myself prove that I am amazing! Okay! I may not win-that would be nice. :). I am already proud of myself.

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