Caimans, Anacondas and Piranha Oh My!

Okay, So now you know my initial thoughts about competing in the World’s Longest Raft Race in Peru was complete and utter excitement!!! Woot! Woot!!!

Me training !

The next day after signing up for the race-a little bit of reality came to me. I was still excited about competing in a race unlike anything I had ever done before. But then, the reality of: There are lots scary things living in that river!!! I was terrified. Okay I still am terrified. So, once again I googled all the things in the Amazon that could kill me. Well… There are many. There are lists ranking them in their danger. Yikes!!!

In Costa Rica I was in constant fear of Snakes! And they don’t even have Anacondas

Now it is coming back to me. I remember watching documentaries on the Amazon River with my ex husband. And I remember saying! You know, I don’t even think I want to visit there. It is just too scary for me. But the first opportunity I get. I am not only signing up- but begging to go? Maybe- I am a little off my rocker-or maybe this just seems so perfect. What better way to start my 2nd chapter of my life than to face my fears and truly get out of my comfort zone. Plus, I really do love paddling. And I love challenges.

Me – Conquering a Corn Maze

As we get closer I am still struggling with my fear. I have made numerous jokes about the Caiman. But let me tell you- I am not kidding. I am completely and utterly terrified of them! When I went to Florida I was petrified that a Crocodile or Alligator was going to lunge out of the bushes at me, when I walked from my car to the condo (or really anywhere). I even had trouble sleeping at night- because I was so scared that they were somehow lurking in the the condo waiting to come eat me. Just thinking about it makes my heart race a little faster and I am getting a little nauseous, Looking back, there wasn’t actually any real danger. Somehow the danger of rafting 118 miles in the amazon with the Caiman, Anaconda’s and Piranha seems very real. Not to mention all the scary things that lurk in the rainforest…

Me- Practicing escaping the Caiman!

I am still mostly excited to be going! But people think that I am fearless-I am a complete an utter wimp. I could make a huge list of all the ways in which I am scared. I find with most things in life, it is always better to face your fears head on. I will be so proud of completing the race and not completely freaking out and knocking my team mates into the water. Oh yes! This could happen! My fear is this big!

Me with my water wings

Or…What if the raft is not built very well and I fall in the river! I am not scared of drowning. Maybe I should be. I am scared of what is lurking in the waters planning their next meal! But I am told that no one has ever died doing this. I don’t plan to be the first.

My experience with wooden rafts

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