A day in DIA-The War Zone

Before I get into the adventure of my day in Denver. Let’s just cut to the chase! Why the heck did I book a flight with a 17 hour layover? As you may recall from my earlier post Shot’s Shock’s and Shits! My Dad’s health declined so I had to change my itinerary.  I cancelled my business trip to get more time with my Dad.  This left me with a ticket to Peru Departing from Denver.  But I was in Portland.

When I tried to change the ticket to depart from Portland to Lima.  Spirit Airlines was extremely unhelpful.  They informed me there were no direct flights from Portland to Lima.  I pointed out that I was not on a direct fight.  I have a 12 hour layover in Fort Lauderdale.  She told me if I could tell her where I would like to go on the way- then she could plan it…Clearly, I was not going to accomplish anything with her.  So I booked a separate ticket from Portland to Denver.  I hate being late.  So I allowed extra time to allow for cancellations, delays or any unforeseen problems that might arise.

But let us not forget!  I am on my way to Peru!  That’s right I am on my way to compete in the World’s Longest Raft Race!!!  I can barely contain my excitement!!!!  So what if I have a very indirect route to get there.  I am still beginning a trip of a lifetime!


I arrived in Denver at 4am sleepless and tired.  No need to rehash the reason- you can probably recall from yesterday’s post… ( I am off! With my leg’s crossed!  ) After I got my luggage. I found a spot to rest.  I figured out how to barricade my luggage in such a way that I felt that even if I dozed- it would be difficult for someone to rob me.  Even though I think of DIA as being a safe place.  One can never be too carful when traveling.   (Pro tip- found out later I should have picked up my luggage a few hours later. Then I could have had the freedom to explore without it….)

DIA is undergoing Construction-this is why I refer to it as the War Zone. The concourses are not too bad.  But the Main Terminal where I was forced to hang out were awful.  They have the middle section blocked off- so to get from one end to the other you have to weave yourself inside, outside and around – depending on where you were trying to go.  Plus-somehow with the constructions-it was very difficult to find a bathroom. Apparently the focal point of this trip! 🙂

Enjoying a Coffee at the Westin DIA

I did leave the airport for a couple of hours to have a brunch meeting with my business partner.  Normally I would make an adventure of  the day and explore Denver.  It is easy to get into town with the light rail. But for me it wasn’t worth it. I know Denver very well- I am a Colorado Native and I travel to Colorado frequently. I would rather have a low key day- because of the extra burden of my luggage that I had to lug around. But if you have never been to Denver- you should totally go into town and explore a bit. Even if it’s just to go to the 16th street mall and eat lunch.

Nothing like sharing a laugh with your sister!

My sister was flying out to see my parents. We took advantage of our time at DIA together to play a little Corn Hole and to hang out in the Westin Lobby area- which is the safe haven from the war zone. They have tons of comfortable seating where you can enjoy the beautiful Colorado weather. They were playing music- it was very relaxing. After my sister left. They had live musicians play saxophone. It was really relaxing- aside from the wind. Which really started to pick up.

Fun playing Corn hole outside the Westin DIA

At 7:30pm I was finally allowed to check my bag! I was so excited. I was hungry and the good food is in the main part of the airport. I personally like Root Down. My favorite thing on their menu is their Beet Salad! I made the mistake of not ordering that. I always love eating a healthy meal before embarking on a trip. My experience is that I am not always able to eat healthy on trips and it helps to start off with some good food. I say this while eating Mike and Ike’s candy!

The evening portion of my day was a bit of a disaster.  I was so exhausted from my sleep deprivation that I could hardly function!  I went through security and left one of my bags on the other side.  So I had to go back through  and recheck all of my stuff again.  When I went through the 2nd time.  I forgot to take my i pad  out of my backpack.  So once again it needed to go through.  Which meant I needed to go through a 3rd time.  I was near tears.  Then at the restaurant I nearly left my bag in the restaurant.  I was tired and just really wanted to get on the plane.

Even though I was tired by the time I got on my plane to Fort Lauderdale at 12am. I enjoyed seeing my sister and business partner. There is fun everywhere- you just have to be open to finding it!


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