Let the Humidity Begin!

Today I spent the day in Fort Lauderdale! I had a 1 hour layover. I can say, this is one of the dirtiest and in general unappealing airports (and I have travelled a fair bit). But it is very conveniently located. They have great public transportation to get you into town or you can get a Uber for a small fare as well. On Saturday and Sunday from 9am – 5pm you can get a free shuttle to and from the river walk area for FREE!!! That is my kind of price!!! It was super easy to get it to go into town. I will admit- I got lost and couldn’t figure out where to pick it up. So- I paid for an UBER and that cost me $4.43. Not bad at all. Plus it saved me the added stress of panicking about missing my flight. But it was delayed. SO I actually ended up having a couple of extra hours at the airport.

I had no idea what I was going to do- but breakfast seemed of the utmost importance. So I saw some local ladies on their morning walk/chat. They seemed like a good choice to ask for recommendations. Sadly, I remembered how to get to the area of the restaurant but not the name. So- I don’t think I went to the right restaurant. I went to Indigo Restaurant . The food was pretty good. but it was a little overpriced and the service was very slow. But I had 12 hours to kill- so it didn’t affect me too much. It was a nice break from the heat. HOLY CRAP!!! It is So hot in Fort Lauderdale! It said it was 80 degrees in the morning. Well…With the humidity I was dying! I started panicking about Peru. I am going to have to raft in this sweltering heat all day for 3 days- plus the day of building the raft! Who’s bright idea was this.

My Greek Omlet from Indigo Restaurant Fort Lauderdale

I then began wondering down the shopping area. And I saw a sign for a water taxi. I thought. That sounds like a fun little thing to do. I did have to wait about 20 minutes to go. But I see a Iguana. That was cool. You scientist out there- please feel to correct me of what species of reptile it is. 🙂

I didn’t have anywhere to go. So just went for the ride. They have a all day pass- it is not cheap $28.00. But I had already committed- I was on the boat and we were on the water. But in the end it was well worth it- even though I was only going to be able to use it for part of the day. I was on the water taxi for about 3 hours or so. I went inside out of the heat for part of it and rested. I ended up just riding it from one end to the other. They give you a tour as you go. They tell you about all the millionaire houses and yachts. I have never seen this kind of wealth. I am fascinated by all the yachts. I have never seen any the size of them and there were tons and tons of them. It was crazy!

I loved the staircase of this mansion. This house is for sale if you want to buy it for me.
More of the same house. It had about 5 mansions all as part of the same house.

It was fun to tour around and see Billionaire Row. Even the area where the “Normal” live was still 6-7 million dollar homes. . I think this trip is going to be the complete and utter extremes- The Billionaires of Fort Lauderdale and some impoverished people in Peru.

I winded down my time in Fort Lauderdale with a walk along the river. They had an outdoor exercise place- like something I have never seen before. The pictures do not do it justice.

Exercising on the river walk in Fort Lauderdale

A full size gym at the River Walk in Fort Lauderdale
An elliptical at the river walk in Fort Lauderdale

I returned to the airport drenched in sweat. I had to go buy a cheap t- shirt because somehow my spare outfit was not in my carryon. Let’s hope that is the only thing I forgot to pack! Back at the airport I ate a wonderful dinner at a Cuban restaurant. Surprisingly it wasn’t too expensive. All and all it was a very enjoyable day in Florida. There are lots of fun things in this area that I would like to explore. I guess that will be another trip!


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