Ended up holding hand of Peruvian on my 1st day in Peru!

My 1st day in Peru was very eventful! I arrived around midnight and it took me a little while to find my Outrigger Paddle. But it was there safe and sound. I can say… I am really wishing I spoke Spanish. Traveling alone in a country you don’t speak the language is a little scary.

I discovered that very quickly as I took a Taxi from Airport to my hotel. They took my the wrong direction at 1st. Then they tried to convince me to stay at another hotel. I had been warned of this- so I was firm about where I wanted to go. Luckily I had been told by the nice guy on the plane that my hotel was in a nice area. If I went north a few blocks – it was not safe. Well…The cab ride was terrifying. I wasn’t sure I was going to make it to the hotel in one piece. I feared I was going to be robbed or worse. At the airport two guys from cab company helped me to the cab. They insisted on carrying my bags. The 2nd guy at the cab then asked for a tip. When I exchanged money I was not given small bills or coins. This makes tipping difficult. My smaller US bills were not easily accessible. So I ended up tipping too much. Then the driver tried to tell me it was not safe for tourists where I was going. I was firm- hoping the guy on the plane knew what he was talking about. Plus I had read the reviews. The places he initially drove past (in the wrong direction) looked very sketchy. It was dark and I was getting more and more scared. I could finally see by my gps that we were finally heading in correct direction. I started to relax a little bit – then we got stuck in traffic with semis on all sides of me and this little Peruvian on a bike was driving all around us and yelling things in Spanish that I of course didn’t understand. I was hoping he was clearing the way for us. Which was the case. The driver almost hit the guy in the process. My driver tipped the guy and I could tell the price was going up and up. Finally we got out of the traffic and we arrived at my hotel. But it is gated – which makes it safe with security guard inside the gate. I stayed at the Seaman’s Club . Inside the gate it was like a mini paradise- much different than outside. I felt such relief upon entering the safe zone. But my heart was still pounding. I was exhausted and not sure I would be able to sleep after the adrenaline rush from my fear.

Inside my room- I breathed a huge sigh of relief. But I was still scared. The door didn’t have a very good lock- so I put the chair in front of the door. Just in case. Call me a wimp- but after a 45 minute cab ride in fear for my life- I was t taking any chances. Sadly my room didn’t have a bath tub. So I couldn’t take a bath to calm down.

In the morning. I reorganized my stuff to make sure my stuff was as secure as possible and my money was dispersed better. It took me longer than expected and I slept later. So I didn’t have time to get the breakfast at the hotel.

After the previous nights drama- I was incredibly grateful that I was only 2 blocks away from the meeting point of my tour. I found it no problem. The first thing on the agenda was swimming with Sea Lions. I went with with Exploor Peru without hotel transportation it was $54. Not bad for 6 hour boat ride tour, including swimming with sea lions and seeing Penguins.

One thing to know is- if you have any issues with motion sickness you might want to rethink this your and perhaps go on a shorter tour.

The waves were very big and when we stopped to see the sea lions the sitting there floating was torture. I got some reprieve from the motion sickness while in the water. Never have I seen so many Sea Lions. But they are very smelly/ but you adjust quickly. The sea lions- some are huge!!!! Some come close to you- it is cool but a little scary. One swam under me and hit my leg. Yikes!

This is where the fun ends. I have mentioned I got really sick from the motion sickness. I threw up- and this wasn’t fun but I was ok. Then I moved and threw up again. This time I had a seizure after I threw up. I have had seizures before. They are always scary. Mine are extremely short- but as you come to- you are confused. Well… as the seizure ended I woke up holding the hand of the Peruvian man who had been taking care of me. There were all these unfamiliar faces above me speaking a weird language. I had no idea where I was or what was happening. I asked where I was and finally someone responded in English – you are on the boat. I was still a little confused but it was starting to come back to me. I was in Peru on the sea lion tour. The nice Peruvian guy continued to take good care of me. He held my hand to comfort me for a good 15 minutes. I was very grateful. In the process my hair had gotten in the vomit. I stayed laying on the floor of the boat for the remainder of the tour (about an hour). I hear the penguins were the best part of the tour. I did see a few earlier. But the area where they live- I missed.

I was grateful to get back to my Hotel and get cleaned up and hang out on the roof top patio, take a nap and eat some of the wonderful Peruvian food

I might be on a food tour. I seem to be eating constantly!


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