Arriving in the Amazon!

I rushed to the airport at the crack of dawn to catch my 7:15am morning flight. I was very excited to be heading off to the Amazon to meet my team! I will admit that after my taxi ride from the airport I was a little nervous. This time it was smooth sailing and cost me significantly less. Uber is what many people have recommended- but this was not an option at this hotel- because it is not in as populated area. My hotel gave me a wonderful send off. They gave me a bottle of water, flagged down a taxi a sent me off with a kiss on the cheek.

I made it to the airport with no difficulty. I made friends with the guy in line in front of me. The line was incredibly slow and we both were getting concerned we were going to miss our plane. I checked my bags and they make me take my paddle out of the bag it is on and send it separately. I panicked that I was going to not be allowed on with all my luggage. Luckily- it wasn’t a problem. The one hiccup was that my plane was delayed. When it was all said and done it was delayed 5 1/2 hours.

Lima’s airport is a nice airport. But it is a bit of a zoo with all of the people bustling around. As seems to be my new past time- when in doubt eat some of the wonderful Peruvian food.

It was my first experience to sit in a waiting area of a airport where I don’t speak the language. Multiple times I thought I heard my name being called. I was nervous I would miss them announcing my flight- but it went great!

As I walked across the tarmac in Iquitos. I could instantly feel the sweltering heat. I had a momentary panic of – Oh Crap! What did I get myself into? The thought of paddling in this intense heat is terrifying. I won’t even try Hot Yoga for fear of the heat.

I am discovering just how many ways this trip is challenging me. I am definitely getting out of my comfort zone!

Getting from the Airport to the hostel was a blast! I took a Moto Taxi what a blast. It cools you off as you zip down the rode weaving in and out between all the other cars, it is definitely one of my favorite experiences of this trip so far.

It was so amazing to finally meet my teammates who I have been communicating with on Facebook but had not met in person. With all of our messaging back and forth for past few months. I felt like Already knew them- and had anxiously been looking forward to meeting them.

We walked around town a bit and had a fun evening at the The Yellow Rose of Texas where we ate wonderful food, laughed and in general had a great time.

So far I really love Iquitos! What a wonderful place! I am so glad that I have this opportunity-to be here with these wonderful people on this amazing adventure.


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