You ate what???

Today was a really fun day touring around Iquitos. It was jammed pack day full of fun activities! It was a day full of many amazing experiences. But it was also a day where we witnessed immense poverty. I saw many animals suffering. This was very hard to see.

We started off with the lovely breakfast at our hostel, of fruit, egg and bread. Then we went out for coffee and to meet more of our group. I had coffee and juice (I had star fruit juice) Dawn on the Amazon Cafe. It was really a wonderful relaxing morning. I am learning that in Peru – meals are a leisurely activity- one can expect to hang out for a few hours at restaurants- they are not in a huge hurry to serve you or get you the check. It’s nice to take the time to slow down a bit from everyday life. It does take a little getting used to, though.

It has been nice getting to know the amazing group of people! I feel so lucky to be with such a great group of people!

We then went to The Bélen Market that was an interesting experience. There were tons of touristy things to purchase. I think you can buy almost anything there! Make sure you guard your valuables and have small bills. Haggling skills come in handy.

I am such a huge animal lover. It has been very difficult for me to see all these dogs and cats that are roaming the streets extremely malnourished with huge sores on them. It broke my heart. It was also hard to see the way the chickens were treated.

I enjoyed seeing vultures . I actually thought they were chickens at first! 🤣

We went on two boat rides and we had the opportunity to paddle in dugout canoes. Great to get the opportunity to get in the water.

On the way to the dug out canoes I ate a grub! It was cooked and was actually pretty good.

When we paddled the dugout canoes. I was glad I brought my Outrigger Paddle. The ones they provided are rough on your hands and extremely heavy.

I ended my day stubbing my toe in the shower of the hostel. Let’s hope that is the last of my mishaps of this trip.

I have so much more I want to share. But I am tired and need to go to bed. I anticipate that I likely might not be able to post much for next few days. Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck Sarah! May the water carry you swiftly to your destinations! Paddle like you mean it! Can’t wait to hear about your raft construction experience!!


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