Keeping Busy during Coronavirus-My dogs are loving life!!!

Boomer- thinks having me home is Awesome!!!

I don’t know about you- but normally-I would be jumping for joy, to not have to work and to have some time at home. I normally work two full time jobs. I own a dog walking business and I worked for a rental car company, I was temporarily laid off of my rental car job and not too many people need their dogs walked when they are home with them. If they are like me- they are taking their dogs on lots of walks to keep busy! So, for the first time in my life I find myself unemployed. Yikes!!! I can say being single with very little income- not fun!

I have been blessed with many difficult times in my life. So although- I don’t know how this will work out- I do know it will. My experience has proven that even in the most dire of situations, where there is no hope- somehow things manage to work out. Maybe not how I want. This is a reminder that really we are not in control of anything. The one thing you do have control over is how you respond. So, I try to respond in a positive way. I am not perfect. Just ask my Mom- I was pretty quick to snap at her yesterday when I was stressed. But we do the best we can. And that is all we can do.

Don’t judge my lack of flexibility

One of the things that helps when I am stressed is Yoga. If you have never tried it I highly recommend it. I often do Yoga with Adrienne on You tube. And my sisters are doing a virtual yoga class that I am hoping to participate in.

I also have been enjoying having some time to bake again! I might need to go on a diet when things “return to normal.”

Homemade Banana Bread fresh out of Oven

I have been very impressed with the creative ways people are staying connected! Our family had a virtual game night and a virtual concert. I have friends who have done virtual happy hours. What are things you are doing.

Okay- maybe the virtual Party thing is not new for my crazy family!

This one is super fun- I got this idea from watching Grey’s Anatomy. When they would have a stressful day they would dance it off. I live alone- and I will admit I sometimes will put on music and dance like a fool. It makes me laugh- and my dog’s don’t judge me.

Organize my garage!

I also am trying to use this time to be productive. I have a to do list a mile long. As much as I don’t want to do these mostly dreaded tasks. Getting some done helps make me feel good about myself.

Real life isn’t always easy!

It’s easy to get depressed in such a scary and uncertain time. I know that I have. But I am determined to not let this beat me. So as a very wise person (my sister) once said. Allow yourself to feel the emotions for 5 minutes. Feel all those strong emotions- then put them on a shelf and go back to living. And don’t forget to revisit those emotions, just deal with them a little at a time. To avoid being lost in a sea of despair. Now in the words of bugs Bunny- That’s all folks! Until next time!

Please share with me some of the ways you are keeping busy while sheltering at home. Stay Safe!


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