This pandemic is another bump in the road.

As much as I would love to be able to say that surviving this pandemic has been a breeze for me. If I am being completely honest, I have really been struggling. As I said in my very first post:

How the heck am I going to pay the bills? Is this a dream? Who is Sarah? How am I going to do this? I totally hate being alone. I was terrified . Can I do this? The answer is Hell yes!

Reading that statement one would think I was talking about this pandemic. I am unemployed and have no clue how I am going to pay the bills. And yes- I still hate being alone- and I am sheltering at home by myself (thank god for my dogs). But as I reread the beginning of my blog- (I have time after all). I realized that I can do this. I am one tough cookie!

I could choose to let the pandemic define me-or I could choose to embrace it and run full speed ahead into the sunset! I choose to use this as an amazing opportunity to find myself. Somehow I was lost along the way. I am learning to take care of myself and I am looking forward to seeing what amazing things await me in the next chapter!

That last paragraph is a direct quote from my very first post. The only word I changed was pandemic (it was divorce). Again it is surprisingly appropriate. The realization that I came to was that this is just another bump in the road. By no means is this meant to underscore or diminish the importance or significance of this pandemic. But for me in my individual life this is just a reminder that life is hard, but somehow things work out. This is just a rough patch. And as much as it feels completely hopeless. I am going to TRY to make the most of this time off.

Talk to you again soon! Scroll to the bottom to leave a comment! 😀


  1. Dear Sarah,

    Congratulations! You did it again! I am proud of you for being able to pull yourself together enough to write your blog even when you’re severely depressed. It sounds like you have the right attitude. This is in many ways very similar to the situation you were in shortly after your divorce. Then you were more hopeful than you are now. You’ve had an overdose of realism this year. I hope soon you will see some light at the end of the tunnel.

    I’m still praying for you, and seeing your blog makes me think the prayers are working. You don’t have the solution yet, but you have a better attitude toward the problem. IT’s going to take a long time before this job situation and financial situation stabilize. It’s very difficult to be patient when things are looking so bleak.





    1. Thanks Mom
      I realized- when I was out with the dogs today- that if I just could look ahead and know the future- I would really be enjoying this time off. I have been working too hard for too long. So- this is my time to regroup.


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