Amazon Raft Race vs Amazon Warehouse which is bigger Challenge?

I just started working at Amazon- because a girl’s gotta work! Let me just say- if someone told me I would be working at Amazon- or any warehouse for that matter- I would have laughed at them! I have a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, I have a year towards a master in Education and I also have completed training to be a massage therapist. And if that’s not enough- I have owned a successful dog walking business for the past 10 years. Not someone who typically is found working as a laborer in a warehouse.

Ready for my 1st day at work at Amazon
Wearing my Amazon Raft Race T-Shirt
Couldn’t resist the irony!

As you may recall- I completed in the World’s longest raft race in Peru. Working at Amazon is way more difficult than paddling in the Amazon River (mind you- I got sick and did not complete the race). I must add- I did intensive training for the race- so I was well prepared for the intensive exercise. I just wasn’t prepared for the heat and getting sick.

The Coronavirus- really puts things into perspective! Never have I been so grateful for a job! It is by far the most difficult job I have ever done! I feel like a bad ass every day When I come home knowing I have survived another day. I don’t have time to worry about the Coronavirus- I am too busy surviving Amazon.

Me after my first 10 hour shift
I realized as much as I wanted to just go to bed
I had to walk my dogs and go grocery shopping.
I was so tired and sore!!!

I actually don’t mind the work- it is a great workout- It is like doing 10 hours of intensive aerobics a day! And exercise is always the best cure for depression for me. 😀.

Me on my lunch break-
when I realize I have 5 more hours to go!!!

The work is fast paced and requires my complete concentration which gives the added benefit of mindfulness practice. I find, it is 10 hours of being present in the moment.

Me when I first learned to paddle
On my former Dragon Boat Team

This has always been one of the added benefits of paddling for me. In order to keep your timing with the rest of the boat you just focus one stroke at a time. I was surprised to find this similarity at Amazon. I focus on one item at a time. It is surprisingly meditative. Although- I do treat it like a game- and am constantly working on improving my time and technique. Just like In paddling

I am making the most of my job at Amazon. Will- I stay working there- when things return to normal? Only time will tell. But for now it is helping me in my time of need. We never really know what the future holds. I am just grateful for the opportunity. And I will add- that as hard as the job is- they keep adding extra compensation for us- which I for one appreciate.

Ready to start my 2nd week
Everyday I recover a little quicker.
I totally have this!!!

I look forward to your feedback! Scroll to the bottom to add a comment!


  1. Thanks Beth!
    It is hard- but It feels good to be working. It is satisfying to see myself recover quicker and quicker each day!



  2. I completely relate to the mindfulness relationship with exercise. It’s much more difficult for thoughts to wander when you’re presented with a challenge and a timeframe to complete it. Love reading your stories. Keep it up. Can’t wait for the latest, next adventure!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Jaymes!
      I am glad you are enjoying them! I have had some pretty amazing adventures. I will look forward to the next one- but first I must survive working at Amazon! 😂. I am not sure who is winning – Amazon or me- yesterday was particularly brutal- but I did finish the day.


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