Mt Hood- It took a pandemic to finally explore its beauty!

I have always been an Ocean Girl. Whenever I get a chance, I run to the Sea. I may have been a mermaid in my last life 😀. I grew up in Colorado and although love to hike in the mountains, the sea always calls to me. I have lived in Oregon 4 years and this is really my first time to explore Mt. Hood. I have been missing out!

Hiking Fun!

If you love to hike than Mt. Hood will be love at first sight! There are so many trails- I can’t wait to get out there and see more. I have to apologize- I don’t know the name of the trail we went on. This was a rare occasion when I didn’t plan the adventure – all the trails looked amazing! On the trail we went on, we were able to enjoy the beauty and splendor of Mt. Hood.

camping fun

No trip to the mountains is complete without camping! Mt hood has campgrounds at every bend of the road. I am sure there are some campgrounds with more facilities. We camped in a national forest campground with no facilities, which was also not crowded – even on the 4th of July weekend – which was exactly what we were after. We wanted to spare my poor pups from the fireworks. If my dogs were experienced campers this would have been perfect. My poor dog Jack was so scared of the sounds of nature and the nearby campers. We almost packed up after night one. But we toughed it out one more night- and it was awesome! I think with more experience my dogs could become better campers! I hope so!

They were very patient while we set up camp

My hood is so beautiful! It felt amazing to get away and have some time to relax. We all get so busy with life and we all need time to rejuvenate. Mt Hood is the perfect place for this.. I had been feeling really stressed and I needed time in the mountains to recharge. The trees and the fresh mountain air calmed my soul.

Nothing like time in the woods to recharge soul

I look forward to my next adventure! The problem with Oregon, is that the list of amazing places to explore – is Limitless. I will accept the challenge to see and explore as much as possible, that this amazing state has to offer! Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom and leave a comment!


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