Pacific Crest Trail – Cascade Locks, Oregon to Dry Creek Falls- Beautiful Hike

Today I set out for the first time on the Pacific Crest Trail (P.C.T. ). As I left from Cascade Locks heading to Dry Creek Falls I tried to imagine the bundle of emotions that one would feel if they were setting out to do the whole trail or even hike a major portion of it. Maybe one day I will get to do the whole thing. Today my adventure was to hike the 4.5 mile round trip hike to Dry Creek Falls. It is a gradual incline most of the way to the falls. I am recovering from COVID-19 and this was just challenging enough for me today. The total elevation gain was 955 ft. It took me 2 hours and 15 minutes including my break at the falls to soak my feet and recharge.

I am very excited for my first P.C.T. hike!

One of the things that I really enjoyed about the hike was all the wildflowers. I was really trying to fully take in all the beauty around me. I am fortunate to live near such beauty. The Columbia Gorge and the plentiful trails are close to my house. It would be easy to take for granted all of its splendor. So today throughout the hike- I focused on all the little bits of beauty around me.

The falls made the perfect turn around spot for this hike. They are stunning. I was pleased to find some rocks that I could sit on and soak my feet in the creek while enjoying the breathtaking view of the falls. I I think that I am getting addicted to Waterfalls. I may become an official waterfall chaser! 😀.

I had envisioned seeing many thru hikers on the trail. The majority of the people I passed were -like me just doing a short snip it of the trail. I did run across one thru hiker- he was hiking from Lake Tahoe up to Canada and then he will go back and do the southern portion later. As you can imagine he was very excited to be close to Cascade Locks where he could get more supplies and get a break from the hiking- before he continues on.

Enjoying the solitude and beauty on the P.C.T.

I may not have done the full P.C.T. Today- but I thoroughly enjoyed my adventure. Hiking is such a great way to calm the mind. Today had been a stressful day but by the end of the hike I was feeling energized and recharged.

If you want more information about the Pacific Crest Trail check our Map and info of Pacific Crest Trail.

I highly recommend It describes their journey of the Pacific Crest Trail. Great pictures and stories.

And of course Wild: From lost to found on the Pacific Crest Trail by Cheryl Strayed you can read the book, listen to it on audible or watch the movie.

wild :from lost yo found on the pacific crest trail by Cheryl Strayed picture taken from Audible

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  1. I wish I could do that hike myself, but since I can’t your blog is the next best thing. You describe it well, and the pictures are fantastic. Thanks!


    1. Thank you! It makes me feel so good to know that you enjoyed reading my blog. 😀. My list of places I want to explore is endless- I can’t do everything I want- I also am grateful for people’s blogs that bring me that little bit closer to things- that I might not get to experience first hand.


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