Back on the Water Again- Kayaking in the Columbia River- Vancouver Washington & Portland Oregon

I am an Avid paddler. I mostly do Outrigger Canoe but between working 2 jobs and COVID-19 it has been months since I have been on the water. I felt like I was missing part of my soul. When my boyfriend suggested we go on a Kayaking date- I was beyond thrilled!

Ready to launch

We don’t own our own Kayak’s we rented from Peach Beach Rental’s in Vancouver. They brought the kayaks down to the beach. But let me just say- If I wasn’t agile- I never could have gotten down there. They advertise that they drop you off and pick you up- so you have a hassle free rental. What they fail to mention is there is an additional $30 per Kayak fee for this service and they don’t really give you any other option. That being said- it was nice being able to explore one direction- so we were able to see more of the Columbia River that way!

We had fun Exploring- in the morning we had the river to oursrlves.

When you pay for 2 hours you get the Kayaks for the whole day! That sounds fantastic- and it is! However- I was thinking we were going out for just a hour possibly two max. I did not come prepared. No drinking water (my boyfriend had one water bottle that we could share), almost no food, no sunglasses and no sunscreen. As a result I got heat exhaustion and the worst sunburn of my life.

My Nasty Sun Blisters!

Don’t get me wrong it was a fantastic day! But as they say, No adventure is complete if something doesn’t go wrong. One of my favorite parts was stopping at Hayden Island and enjoying cooling off in the water.

We kayaked up the channel a ways and then we decided that we really should turn around and head to our meeting spot. Let me just say, Between the sun and my energy not being 100 percent I was rapidly losing my steam. I started fantasizing about asking one of the boats if they would give me and my boyfriend and our Kayaks a lift across the river. My boyfriend was super sweet- I know he was concerned about me- but what could we do- we had to finish what we had started. I was so relieved when we made it back across the river to Marina Park in Vancouver! It was a fun paddle- even if Perhaps I wasn’t ready for a 5 1/2 hour paddle so soon after COVID-19.

So exhausted at the end- I couldn’t even smile.

This really was an eventful outing. I would be remiss – if I didn’t mention the ride back. We get in the truck to go back- and I experienced and survived the most scary ride of my life! As we zip around cars with the horn blaring- passing on the double yellow line. I held onto my boyfriends hand for dear life. Phew! Disaster averted!

After this day- as much fun as we had. I think I want to get my own kayaks. Time to start saving! 😊. Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom and leave a comment.


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