A adventure a day keeps depression at bay- Hidden Falls Trail- Happy Valley Hike- Portland Oregon

Hidden Falls-Today’s adventure

Nothing calms the soul more than getting out in nature and exploring. Life can be full of stress and this can lead to getting overwhelmed and depressed. But over the years- I have learned to get out and enjoy nature and go for an adventure to help keep me out of a funk. I used to only go if I had a friend or relative to go with me. Since my divorce I have learned to do things on my own. This is a lesson I wished I had learned earlier. I would get depressed, if I didn’t have someone to join me on an adventure. My daughter has been my biggest adventure buddy-she moved to Hawaii a year ago.😢. Adjusting to empty nest hood has definitely been a huge challenge for me.

Exploring the Big Island of Hawaii when I dropped my baby at College.

My Mom also enjoys adventuring and is always up for hanging out. Well…the pandemic and the isolation from COVID-19 has been extremely difficult for my Mom. She has made the decision to move to Colorado- where she can be near more of the family (I totally support that decision). I am sad to be losing the last bit of family around me – but I am not falling into a terrible state of depression. I know that I will be okay. My 4 sisters have all called me today, to check in on me. I appreciate their concern. It is a huge loss for me. But because I have implemented such good self care techniques into my life. I am just taking it in stride. I eat right, exercise and meditate regularly. And of course go on as many adventures as I can.

Mom and me exploring the big Island of Hawaii

Boomer and Jack told me today – that It was time for an adventure. How could I tell them no? we decided to go to Hidden Falls Trail which is located in Happy Valley a suburb of Portland Oregon. I picked it thinking that the boys could cool off in the water. Spoiler alert- no access to the water- but still beautiful!

The car ride is half the fun!

We were very excited when we arrived at Hood View Park where the trail begins. We got out of the car and head down – what I believe to be the trail. I was thrilled and surprised to find no one on it. Well…There is a reason for that…We were lost. 🤦🏻‍♀️ We turned around and were heading back to the car about to declare defeat when I figured out my mistake. Beauty is everywhere! This just added to the adventure.

To avoid the same mistake as me. Head out of the parking lot toward the round about- there is a little trail turn left at the dog poop station- not onto the gated off forked road. It will lead you to A new subdivision called Hidden Falls and you will see the sign for the start of the trail.

This is what you are looking for

The trail is paved. It is a fairly steep incline but not too far. At the falls you can just turn around and head back if you want to avoid the extra hill the trail continues but mostly to another neighborhood. it is very peaceful at the falls. There were some people there- but spaced out well so you could enjoy the beauty of nature, Along the edge of the trail there are some boulders acting as benches for people needing to catch their breath.

A video of Hidden Falls from the bridge.

The falls are beautiful- we enjoyed our adventure to find them. This is a good little midweek hike- it is not long and it is in town. I seem to have become a waterfall chaser. Do you have recommendations on other falls for us to see?

Please give me your thoughts and suggestions. I do love to hear from you! Scroll down to the bottom and comment. 😀


  1. You’re really getting out there!! I continue to admire your “let’s go out and do something” attitude!💜 You’re my role model.


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