Black Thumb to Professional Gardener- Maybe Not- Learning to Garden

I love flowers and plants. But I can’t keep them alive to save my life. But this summer with my Mom’s guidance and help I have managed to do a pretty good job. I will be honest- half the motivation to keeping the garden alive and not give up on it- is fear that my Mom would Kill me. She would have been so mad if I let it die after all of her efforts. Today I switched it up by showing a couple of videos.

Hello from my back Patio
Take a Tour of my Garden

If you are a avid Gardner you are probably looking at my little garden in horror. But this is something that I have never really taken the time to learn to do. I always thought – it was something that I just couldn’t do. I may never be Martha Stewart. But I am pretty proud of how well I am maintaining my garden. It makes my space so much more enjoyable.

Look how pretty it is

When I had COVID-19- I was so grateful for my little sanctuary. I couldn’t leave my house and much of the time I couldn’t leave my room. I felt like a prisoner and I lived for my “Rec time – in my yard”.

I planted this all on my own

Today I can’t go on adventure- because I need my strength for work. But I can enjoy my little garden. Definitely glad I decided to try gardening.

Next year I will get my Tower Garden up & Running again

Feel free to give me gardening tips or sing my praises for attempting gardening- something I thought I could never do and would never like. Scroll to the bottom and leave a comment.


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