Outrigger Canoe is always a favorite adventure

Nothing makes me happier than getting out on the Willamette or Columbia River and going on a Outrigger Canoe Adventure with my team! In Oregon and Washington there are many teams to choose from. You will find one that meets your needs. They range from beginner recreational paddlers to serious world class paddlers. To find the team that is right for you go to outrigger Canoe teams in Oregon and Washington there is a team that is right for you!

Arriving at the dock ready to paddle outrigger Canoe for my first COVID-19 paddle

After we get the boat in the water, I begin paddling. For a brief moment- I totally forgot how to do it! When you paddle outrigger Canoe- (it is normally 6 paddlers. (we are going out with 4 right now to maintain social distancing). One of the key things is to stay in time with the person in seat one. As we paddled out of the marina- I found myself just paddling with no regard to timing! Oops! 😳. Luckily I quickly remembered and starts focusing in.

Getting the Outrigger Canoe into the Willamette River

The need to stay focused is one of the reasons that outrigger Canoe is so good for calming the mind. It is a form of mindfulness that one is doing without even being aware of it!

A deer I saw near the marina

One of the things that I also enjoy about going on adventures in the water on an outrigger Canoe is that you get to enjoy the beauty of Nature. My team paddles some in both the Willamette River and the Columbia River. I like that we get such variety in our paddling adventures. I have paddled with other teams on other parts of the Willamette River as well. I can tell you- that it is all beautiful. We often get to see wildlife- Eagles, Osprey, Beavers, Sea lions, Herons, cormorants and deer. Today was no exception. I saw a deer as I approached the Marina, as we paddled I saw Osprey and Cormorants.

Stretching and listening to your body is important
View of the St. John’s Bridge from the Outrigger Canoe

Another great thing about paddling on Rivers. Is there are usually bridges! As I have mentioned in my post Crossing St John’s Bridge I love bridges. It is one of the great things about living in Portland- all the water and bridges everywhere!

Starting out my Saturday morning with a Outrigger Canoe Adventure was a great part in ensuring a great weekend. I have really missed it. Outrigger Canoe Adventures always recharge my mind body and spirit and leave me ready to conquer the world. I am so glad that I discovered Outrigger Canoe a few years ago. there is just something to be said to getting out on the water with a group of friends and paddling together. No two paddling adventures are the same! I look forward to my next Adventure!

If you have never tried it I highly recommend trying it.


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