Oregon waterfall adventure- Tamanawas Falls Trail & finding waterfalls near you

A short video of Tamanawas Waterfalls

Oregon should be named the waterfall state! The more I go on adventures the more beautiful waterfalls I find! That made me do a bit of research and I found some great information that you might find interesting too. If you are like me and you love Waterfalls. You will definitely want to check out the World waterfall data base. Another interesting data base is Only in your state it is a resource packed full of information about many of the attractions and facts of the United States. According to Only in your State there are 90 waterfalls in the Columbia Gorge on the Oregon side alone. The Columbia River Gorge has the highest concentration of waterfalls in the U.S.A.

Mt. Hood- the view never gets old!

This weekend’s adventure we switched it up and drove through the Columbia Gorge to Mt. Hood Wilderness to explore. Jay knew that I would love Tamanawas Falls Trail. He was right! Absolutely gorgeous! But you will want to bring your mask because it is a well traveled trail. There is a $5 day pass fee to park.

Ready to hike!

It was a very hot day in Portland and this was a wonderful escape from the heat. The trail is shady and most of the way the creek runs along the edge of the trail giving you plenty of opportunities to dip your feet in to cool off.

This trail was a waterfall lover’s paradise. The creek seemed to have one small waterfall after another as you hiked to Tamanawas Falls- the grand finale of Waterfalls. Jay earned a badge in Patience for dealing with my frequent stops to look at all the beauty at every corner!

Although the trail is well travelled we were able to enjoy nature and find places to enjoy the beauty and peace of nature in solitude. One of my favorite parts of the hike was when we took a break to sit by the creek and meditate. I loved listening to the sounds of the creek. I could feel the light breeze on my face with the mist from the creek

I was in a silly mood for today’s adventure. I really enjoy meditation- And find it grounding- But I definitely have my silly dorky side. I love to laugh and have a good time. This adventure was a perfect combination of peace, joy and laughter!

The trail is moderate in difficulty. The trail is 3.8 miles and has a elevation gain of 570 feet. The trail is well maintained. Most of the hike is fairly easy- but I call it moderate in difficulty because as you approach the falls, there are a couple of Boulder fields, that can be a little difficult to traverse.

Sitting on one of the huge Boulders

At the falls we took some time to sit with our feet in the water and just take in the beauty of the falls. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to go on this adventure this weekend! It was beautiful and definitely a highlight of the weekend!

My summary of the Tamanawas falls hike video
Tamanawas Falls are gorgeous!

I can’t wait to go on my next adventure! I wouldn’t be surprised if it has a waterfall or two as I seem to be obsessed. I always love to hear from you! What are some of your favorite water falls? Have you hiked this trail?

I love hiking adventures!!!

Some more great waterfall resources




      1. Good suggestion! The waterfall locator is a neat little tool. I found that Colorado has 469 waterfalls. 🙂


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