Traveling to Hawaii with the clothes on my back- Day 2 – Less is More

After my chaotic flight . I am discovering traveling with the clothes on my back isn’t too bad!

Yesterday after landing in Hawaii- Hitting the beach

I recently lost 35 pounds by changing the way I eat. Not only has this improved my health. But score- I now fit in my daughter’s clothes!!!

Aren’t these fun pants? I think I need to get some fun clothes!!! Maybe she will give them to me! 😂

It is surprising- how little one actually needs when traveling . We often have suitcases filled to the brim with an outfit for any possible occasion, hats, a variety of shoes. When really you can just get by with a few items and wash them. We all could do with a lesson in living more simply.

My backpack with a few clothes that I am borrowing from Kelly. Side note- I do have my own underwear.

Today all I really needed to buy was toothbrush- using Kelly’s toothpaste. Deodorant, swimsuit and a towel.

Kelly modeling these when we 1st got them

Of course I would have bought a couple of things had I not had the luxury of my daughter’s closet. It sure is fun to get to share clothes with her. Another reason we need to live closer to one another!

Enjoying our Açaí Bowl’s and Smoothie’s

Since we didn’t have to waste our time shopping we got to enjoy more quality time together. ❤️❤️❤️

I am so happy to get this extra time to relax and recover in paradise


  1. I’m glad you can share in order to have more time with family and nature instead of in stores. Also, the gun pants look really great on you!


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