Traveling to Hawaii with the clothes on my back- Empty Nest Lessons

I became a empty nester a couple of years ago. And this has been one of the biggest challenges for me in my life.

Kelly & me when I took her to Hawaii to
UH Hilo

Parenting my daughter and being her Mom was the most important part of my life and was my purpose. Without that purpose, I have found myself flailing and lost.

Being Kelly’s Mom in every stage of her life has been amazing! Being her Mom is truly a blessing!!!

Going to Hawaii and having the opportunity to visit and “take care of” my adult married daughter was just what I wanted.

I was so excited to see her. I screamed snd made a scene at the airport and jumped over the side of the car and just hopped in the back of the car

As I was knitting last night- I had an aha moment That hovering and being a helicopter Mom was NOT what Kelly needed. So I will have to learn to tread the line to be that helpful houseguest vs. Taking charge.

Knitting is a very good way to calm nerves and to think. I am so glad I am getting back into that.

I have been so amazed at how well my daughter and her husband have been creating a great life for themselves. They have such a loving and supportive marriage and have proven that one doesn’t have to be rich to live in Hawaii.

Kelly & Donovan – I love to see them so happy!

I will continue to try to reestablish my role in this chapter in life. Being Kelly’s Mom is still an important part of it- but I think the role morphs more into mentor vs caregiver. I have to be careful to not give unsolicited advice.

Enjoying a cup of coffee and chatting with Kelly was one my favorite parts of yesterday.

As I sit here listening to the Roosters crow- I am hoping they wake Kelly and Donovan up so I can enjoy a morning cup of Tea with them. I am enjoying every moment of this time with family.

I love all the Chickens everywhere

Feel free to share tips for parenting an adult married child. 😀

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