Traveling with the clothes on my back to Hawaii Day 3- attacked by a sea turtle

On my bucket list for this trip after seeing my daughter was to see my friend’s the sea turtles. ✅ mission accomplished!

Seeing the turtles from the safety of shore

I decided to venture in to the freezing cold water. As much as I love the ocean – I am terrified of getting attacked by things such as Sharks or Eels. I was only slightly afraid of the eels – I felt safe from sharks. I have been in the water near Sea turtles and have never been scared of them until today.

Kelly and Donovan bought floats for the beach- good call- with the freezing water! They let me borrow the green tube. Or should I say the giant turtle bait.

Trying out the new floats. 😀

The turtles saw this huge green thing and thought for sure it was good. They quickly came over and I was surrounded. I was screaming in terror. To say I made a scene would be putting it mildly. I did manage to get out of the tube to the safety of shore.

Although this is my face as I try to get in the freezing cold water. I imagine it was similar when I was surrounded by the turtles

It didn’t help that before I got in the water Kelly warned Donovan that one of the turtles is known for nipping people in this location. The thought of a turtle bite did NOT sound fun.

This is them when I was enjoying them from shore. When I was frantically trying to get to safety- Kelly was too busy calming me down to get a photo of them practically climbing in the float with me!!!

I don’t really know why I was so scared. I have had many encounters with Sea Turtles and it always fills me with such Joy when I see them. But today- I felt like they were actually coming to get me. And they kind of were- as they really were interested in my green Tube.

Hanging out at the beach

After I got out of the water we saw people feeding the Sea Turtles grass. It is a Crime in Hawaii to touch the Sea Turtles. Feeding the turtles like that is a perfect recipe for making Turtles come to people expecting food. Creating more turtles that may nip people. Although my story is funny- it really would hurt to get bit by a sea turtle. And it is upsetting to see people behaving in a way that will ultimately hurt the turtles.

The beautiful beach we were hanging out in

After writing this I did a little research and I found pictures of a girl on a green Alligator float who got bit by a turtle- The photos will give you an idea of what I was experiencing. She did make the mistake of attempting to pet the turtle- which definitely could have made it feel more threatened. Regardless- it is possible that the green float is a factor. I know- I will not be using one in a beach known for turtles

As we were getting ready to leave the beach we saw humpback whales. Very exciting!!! It was so great to get to enjoy nature- even if I had a brief moment of being scared. I find that when traveling to Hawaii I enjoy the days like today more than the expensive activities. It helps to make traveling to Hawaii affordable.

I did go to my shave Ice stand to get a Açaí Bowl. 😀

More pictures from today


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