Traveling to Hawaii with the clothes on my back Day 4- Rainy Day Games

When you travel to Hawaii- one thinks of sunshine and beaches. On the Hilo side of the island- it puts Portland’s rain to shame. The rain did not put a damper on my vacation.

In the evenings – it is as if the sky opens up and all the rain comes pouring out. I have never experienced such heavy rain storms. It is actually very relaxing laying in bed at night listening to the sounds of the rain.

Vancouver liked to Play Canasta too

We spent most of today playing cards and games. A perfect rainy day activity!!! If I had not had access to Kelly’s games- I definitely would have bought a game or a deck of cards. I recommend when traveling throwing in a deck of cards for times like these.

I Learned how to play the game Ocean’s. I somehow won- even though I was confused the whole game

People don’t think of going to Hawaii and playing cards. But- this trip although it is to Hawaii- my number one priority is getting quality time with Kelly and Donovan. And that has definitely been accomplished.

It makes me sad to think that I only have a couple more days left here. But I will continue enjoy every moment like a wonderful lunch with Kelly at the Booch Bar, the Tarot reading Kelly gave me and of course games and just good conversations.

Tea and Chats with Kelly how we start each day

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