Traveling with the clothes on my back to Hawaii – Day 5- The Red Road & Thermal Pools

The red road is probably my favorite place on the Big Island. It is off the beaten path. Not only is the scenery breathtaking- it is not crowded. I have now been on the Red road 3 times and each time I discover new things.

Check out Last year’s post for more information. Today we went to Isaac Hale Beach This beach features Thermal pools in addition to the beautiful Ocean Views. It was a beautiful sunny day- but we all agreed that on a rainy day- soaking in the thermal pools would be amazing.

The red road is definitely a time where the drive is half the fun! Especially on a sunny day in a convertible!

In the evening we went to Volcano National Park to watch the glow in the Crater. Definitely a great evening activity!

Kelly’s roommate provided me with clothes today- we didn’t get laundry done yesterday. Fresh swimsuit, shorts and a warm shirt for going to Volcano National Park.

More pictures of our adventures .

Today was a blast! I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings. 😀

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