Traveling with the Clothes on my back to Hawaii- Day 7- Lessons learned.

The start of this trip with nearly missing my flight and the stress and anxiety I felt- Is not an experience I wish to have again. What could have been disaster- proved to be a lesson in living more simply. What better place to learn this than on a trip to Hawaii.

Shorts and a tank top were mostly what I needed

I learned that seriously you just need a few items when traveling to Hawaii

  • Swimsuit -2 is nice so you don’t have to put on a wet one. But one is adequate
  • A few pairs of underwear- you can wash them. (But they are small- so you could have one for each day)
  • A pair of shorts
  • A sundress/ swim cover up is nice for when going straight from beach to restaurants or stores.
  • A couple of tank tops or short sleeved shirts.
  • A long pair of pants- I used leggings
  • A lightweight jacket or hoodie
  • A raincoat
  • Toothbrush and tooth paste
  • Deodorant
  • hair brush
  • Medicine (if you take any)
  • Phone and charger (I normally bring I pad- but I’m my haste it stayed at home and I was okay without it.
  • Sunscreen
  • Snacks for plane
  • A couple of pairs of socks (I didn’t have this- I borrowed a pair for going to Volcano- I wore slippers in the house- that ironically I had in my backpack)

A couple of things you can do without but are nice:

  • Hair dryer/styling supplies- ironically I had a hairbrush hairdryer!
  • A deck of cards
  • I didn’t miss makeup- but I did miss hair products. The humidity makes my hair a bit wild. But again- I did fine without
  • Knitting was also nice for the plane
Waiting in Oahu for my flight to portland

A great thing about flying with just a backpack- it speeds up time at the airport. Plus when traveling alone you don’t have to lug bulky carry-ons into bathroom stalls.

Hanging out together

I learned that I liked the simplicity of life in Hawaii. It was great to not stress about the little things. We spent our time enjoying each other’s company and exploring, rather than watching TV. It really helped to disconnect from the world a bit. I think we all could learn to spend less time watching TV and more time living.

Having fun in the Ocean

My flight home is not crowded. So once again- I am rewarded with a row to myself.

I can’t wait to come back and see Kelly and Donovan and the Island of Hawaii. I definitely will be packing light next time.

Looking forward to my next adventure

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