My Dog Jack- wouldn’t trade him for the world

Anyone who knows me- Knows that I love my dog Jack. But if I am completely honest that wasn’t always the case. I loved him. But I really did NOT want him!!! Don’t judge me too harshly- Jack is a very special needs pup- and I was in the process of losing my Dad. It was not the best time for me to take him on.

This is Jack when he met Boomer for the first time

When I was newly divorced- my ex-husband told me he had found a stray dog at a Truck Stop. I encouraged my ex to get the dog- because I know how much he missed our Dog Boomer. I agreed to watch Jack for 3 days- until he could pick him up. As you can see 3 years later Jack is still living with me…

Jack quickly became part of the pack. Boomer took the job of protecting Jack very seriously.

Jack was always super sweet. But I just was not ready for a 2nd dog. Jack had never lived in a house before and he marked everything…It was a nightmare. He ruined my new couch, my new car, the carpets, my daughter’s bed, just to name a few items. I was incredibly frustrated. But I knew that Jack was not trying to be bad- he just didn’t know better.

Jack is scared of everything- particularly loud noises. Here he is trying to hide in the washer. Poor guy!!!

And if that wasn’t challenging enough- he is scared of virtually everything. So I had one dog that lived for adventures and another dog who would rather hide behind the toilet than go for a walk. They had polar opposite needs and there was just one of me.

Jack would generally prefer to just go for a ride and skip the walk

Many people would have turned him into a shelter. I was often told by people to do just that. Being a dog lover- there is no chance I could give up on Jack. I am so grateful that I didn’t. I love him so much it hurts.

I love this guy! He brightens every single day!!!

Jack won me over with his charm. He is a goofy, cuddly (overly so), highly sensitive dog. Now I wouldn’t trade him for the world

He is a silly pup! He has SO much personality!

He knows how to use those puppy dog eyes; to get me to do virtually anything. Honestly, How could anyone look at those eyes and not melt?

Could you resist this face? I can’t!

Everyday I see progress in Jack. He has really come out of his shell since Boomer passed away. I know he loved his big brother- but he really loves being an only dog.

Now he has the confidence to go to the dog park.

He isn’t much of a guard dog. He relies on me taking care of him. That was the turning point, in his training. The moment that he realized, he didn’t need to be a guard dog. A role that terrified him. Now that he trusts me to protect him. He now enjoys hiking. I guess, sometimes one doesn’t know what they need until they get it.

We take care of each other

He is my baby boy. I spoil him rotten. He may or may not have developed quite the puppercino habit from Starbucks. If I am totally honest, I usually go there, more for him, than me. And now he likes to hike almost as much as the car rides. Which is very fortunate because now, he plays the role of my very own personal trainer. When I am feeling particularly bad he will snuggle. He knows when I need him.

Jack putting in his order at Starbucks

I am so incredibly grateful to have Jack in my life. I may have initially resented being forced to get him. But now I am extremely grateful for him.


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