Stop walking with your eyes shut day #4

Day 4 of stop walking with my eyes shut challenge. Today was one of those days when life threw me an unexpected curve ball. It would have been easy to get stressed out. I stayed calm.

Mindfulness helps me handle stress better

Was it this exercise? Probably not entirely. This year I have made mindfulness and meditation, a huge part of my life. I think these skills have made me better able to handle my stressful life.

The more I make mindfulness and meditation a regular part of my life- the more I use the skills during difficult times.

In addition to noticing my better ability to cope with stress. I also noticed that today- not only did I see the beauty everywhere on my walk. I noticed all the sounds as well. I heard many different kinds of birds chirping. It added to the mindfulness experience.

In addition to noticing the beautiful sights. I am noticing the sounds as well- enhancing the beauty and relaxation

My favorite part of each day is doing these mindfulness exercises. I am looking forward to tomorrow’s experience!


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