Are you Alive??? Empty nest during the Coronavirus.

I thought leaving my daughter in Hawaii to go to College and follow her dreams, was one of the hardest things I have ever done! I miss her like crazy! It has been unbelievably difficult. I have found myself losing some of the confidence and the joy that I found when I first became a divorcée. Just as I was starting to accept my new reality; in swoops the Coronavirus!

Exploring a bit as we move her into Dorms

During a time when most University students are flying home to ride out this pandemic with their families. My daughter has chosen to not come home. She is continuing to follow her dreams, and hopes that by staying in Hawaii, she will have even more opportunities. She hopes that this will help her further her dream of being a marine biologist- when things start to return to normal.

I am proud of Kelly for not letting anything stop her from reaching her goals. As a Mom- this literally kills me. I am so scared for her. I just want her back with me. It reminds me of the days when she had cancer. I would literally walk into her room to see if she was still breathing. Crazy- right???

Kelly during her Cancer days

Kelly is sick- Coronavirus??? Too early to tell…. But being across the world from your child during this crisis is SO stressful! Most of her friends are gone. I worry about her being there without her support system. If she needs to be tested- or needs medical treatment, how will she get there? It’s not like you can take a Uber to a drive thru testing site- or to get medical help.

Today I completely panicked when Kelly didn’t answer her phone. Call back the helicopters- Turns out she was just doing her on-line class.. Phew! I have since requested that she text me every morning to reassure me-she is still ok. And I have given her cat strict orders; to take good care of her. He has agreed- as she is the one who feeds him!

On the bright side both Kelly and I will learn to live independently of one another! I am grateful for technology- that allows us to virtually support one another. I know we will survive this. I just have to accept that my baby is growing up! I am so grateful that I was able to see her a few weeks ago for her 21st Birthday!

Kelly’s 21st Birthday